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About Us

What we do!

Lonestar TRS, LLC was founded in 1983, as a leading contractor in the coastal bend region. 


Martin Ortiz, CEO, and Jason De Leon, Project Manager, have the knowledge and comprehension to expand their construction business in the community and surrounding areas, in all of the aspects of construction. 

Our professional leadership and team have combined years of experience in the construction business to handle the everyday planning, managing, and knowledge of multi – phase projects which include: building, restoration, or expansions of any setting in a community, hospital, or residential developments.


In addition they have coordinated  and found resolutions in handling small and large damage restoration projects.   Lonestar TRS, LLC,  has become a solution for the "We do it all," in the commercial and residential construction business  as general contractors specializing in roofing, maintenance, cleaning, foundations, design, &  flooring. 



In the city of Corpus Christi's, Driscoll Children's Hospital, Lonestar TRS, LLC, has worked on and completed multi - phase projects, which include: North and East side glass curtain wall, NICU, 5th Floor, Health Center, Orthopedic, 7th Floor, and building of the new Pharmacy. 

Community Involvement 

Here at Lonestar TRS, LLC -  we are providing some of the most essential tools for students to learn and adapt in their future educational or workforce goals.   We are excited to do our part by giving back to our community  with our time, efforts, and resources. 


The team feels it necessary to assist students and motivate them in becoming self-aware with responsibility all the while supporting them with developing a skill set important to the quality of life. 

All the while providing; monetary donations, televisions, chrome books, and other electronic devices for enhancing continued education.  We are so proud of all recipients who will benefit due to investing in their future! 


Thank you to the Corpus Christi Independent School District for the acknowledgement. 

Our Values

Customer Service



Solve Problems

Team Players

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