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Coastal Bend 3D Solutions


Why Matterport?

3D Camera

In our business, one of our goals, is to offer the service of the Matterport 3D camera, which provides an immersive  tour, of any commercial  business or a residential home in real time. 

This functionality of the camera allows any created space to be viewed with 360 degree views, with its amazing technology.   Give your clients a virtual walkthrough, provide floorplans, accurate measurements, doll house views, floorplan views.  They do not have to leave their business or home to view.   


Our team, of professionals, work on setting the standard high, they are certified and trained, constantly working on taking our divisions next level, using high quality, 3 - D, virtual reality technology.

What is Matterport?

One of our best investments has been the ability to use Matterport, a camera, designed to help  our clientele  improve their overall business without leaving their home or office.  We can provide the links necessary to embed within a website or social media feeds.  Why?  Because, people matter! 

  • Real Estate                                            

  • Travel                                                         

  • Hospitality                                              

  • Homeowners                                        

  • Engineers                                

  • Insurance     

  • Restoration

  • Architect

  • Construction

  • Homebuyers        

View this space with Oculus Go or other supported devices.

Coastal Bend 3D Solutions

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