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Build. Design. Manage.

 We Know Construction

Commercial and Residential Contractor 

Located right here in Corpus Christi, TX.  We have been in business since 1983.  We pride ourselves on being highly experienced and trained in the construction field.  We stand by our word, our work ethic, and our core values, entice our brand with clientele that are from all over the Coastal Bend. Thank you for visiting our site!

Need a Contractor? 

Here at, Lonestar TRS, LLC - our philosophy, is we maintain and provide construction services with the utmost confidence, trust, and customer service! Our clients have and continue to rely on us for new construction, construction, clean – up, repairs, and restoration.

Time and Budget.

We are a full service commercial and residential contractor using the latest computer technology that is  available. We take all safety measures needed to ensure fulfilling quality workmanship in all of our projects.  

Insurance Companies???

One of the main goals of any business or home to is to keep their most valuable assets safe and protected with commercial or home owners insurance.  We go the extra mile and help with assisting contacting the insurance companies on your behalf. 

When the damage occurs unexpectedly!

Repair, Mitigation, and Restoration Specialist

When disaster strikes you feel the brunt of it afterwards.  In the moment you realize your business, home, or family has been affected by a natural disaster, such as:  a hurricane, tornado, flash flood, hailstorm, and water or fire damage.  The aftermath can be costly.


A catastrophe can destroy your business or home’s structure placing everyone in peril.   Roof, Walls, Foundations, and Flooring, are weakened and the electrical systems become hazardous causing fatal or serious damages.


Call the professionals at Lonestar TRS, LLC who are experienced, trained, and skilled in restoration and know-how to assist during these unfortunate circumstances. You can rely on our team to provide first-hand knowledge to access damages caused by disasters.  We will also help with insurance companies. 


The restoration specialists give us a call today! 

Why you would choose us?

We are using innovative technology to enhance design, specifications, productivity and operations. Keeping the lines of communication open with architects, engineers, subcontractors, and our clients.  We prioritize and organize job sites building a strong and reputable foundation.  When on a job site its handled with precision that every detail really matters. 

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Flooring, Tile, Bathroom, Renovations, Lonestar TRS LLC.

Our full line of services, helping with core products and services we communicate, budget, and follow operating procedures, with a full service team.  We have staff to accommodate the needs of our clients, a project manager on various sites. Our organization, is uniform with training, experience, and with solid, quality workmanship, to provide customer satisfaction, we build on repair, restoring, and design for Commercial and Residential business or home. 

  • Design

  • Fire Restoration

  • Flooring

  • Painting

  • Odor

  • Remodel

  • Wall Structures

  • Water Damage

Lonestar TRS, LLC

  • Carpet

  • Covid 19, clean up

  • Demo

  • Electrical Damage

  • Foundations

  • Home repairs

  • Maintenance

  • Tile work

Our Services

Lonestar TRS, LLC  - offer various core services for a commercial business or residential home.

Place your trust in Lonestar TRS, LLC


We configure scale of work, estimate cost, contract, and the materials needed, once all that is required is met, we focus on Production, and Quality Control, to stay on budget and on time for our clients. 

Pre - Construction

Post - Construction

This includes monitoring and constant interaction with everyone.  We adhere to time management to stay on schedule and work closely on - site to bring your vision to fruition.   

Final step lastly, in any build.  Includes site cleanup, final inspections.

After completion, we have a final walkthrough to ensure our clients, complete satisfaction before we

turn over the project.